Vaginal Rejuvenation

IncontiLase® Urinary Incontinence Treatment IncontiLase® is a patent-pending, non-invasive Er: YAG laser therapy, that is designed to treat mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence by non-ablative photothermal stimulation of collagen neogenesis, shrinking and tightening of vaginal mucosa tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia, and subsequently giving greater support to the bladder. What is stress urinary incontinence? […]

Laser Treatment for Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are essentially scars. Collagen and elastin give the skin structure and support and are the foundation of healthy, smooth, and youthful skin. When foundational elements of the skin are affected due to various reasons, stretch marks may appear.Stretch marks can appear as purple, red, dark-brown, pink, or reddish-brown lines in the earliest stages. […]

Laser hair removal

If you prefer hairless skin and are tired of the upkeep that comes with shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is for you. The process is virtually painless, and the laser can be used to remove both fine and stubborn hair on the face, neck, back, chest, bikini area, stomach, and legs – for women […]

Fotona NightLase Treatment

What is Fotona NightLase Treatment? Fotona NightLase is a non-invasive treatment for snoring and sleep apnea and has been shown to increase a patient’s quality of sleep. This is achieved through the use of a laser that causes a tightening effect due to a collagen contraction in the oral mucosa tissue. NightLase is a relatively […]

Fotona 4D Laser Facelift

What is a Fotona 4D Laser Facelift? The Fotona 4D Laser Facelift is a series of non-invasive laser treatments to both the exterior of the face and the interior of the mouth, which allows for a full-thickness contraction of collagen. This allows for the persistent tightening and volumization of the face without the need for […]

Fotona Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring

A fast and simple solution for beautifully clear, smooth skin. We offer a laser acne treatment protocol that provides a truly comprehensive solution to the problem of acne. The precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light safely penetrates the skin to effectively target overactive sebaceous glands and to reduce the risk of developing new acne inflammation. For […]