BeautiFill™ Laser Lipo

Most people struggle with weight gain. Then there’s another weight-related problem – uneven fat distribution in different areas of the body.

According to studies, unusual fat distribution may be caused by factors such as alcohol intake and smoking. However, there’s also a strong link with genetic factors, which play a role in regional fat gain and loss.

Usually, the proper diet and exercise are usually recommended for patients. However, these conventional methods may not be enough especially when we consider the impact that genes can have.

Fortunately, people can resort to certain procedures as an alternative solution. A good example is BeautiFill™ Laser Lipo, a streamlined laser-based fat grafting solution developed by Alma Laser.

What is BeautiFill™?

BeautiFill™is a combination of fat transfer and liposuction. It’s a highly advanced treatment that uses a laser to enhance the contours of the face and body.

This efficient procedure has revolutionized the traditional forms of fat transfer as it offers a complete solution. It’s FDA-approved and is the first of its kind in terms of laser liposuction and fat grafting.

With this treatment, you can achieve long-lasting results with lower risk of rejection.

What Are the Benefits of BeautiFill™?

Fat grafting has been around since the 1800s. With advances in medical science, surgeons have gotten better at using it to correct volume loss.

As a groundbreaking procedure, BeautiFill™ has little to no risk of side effects or allergic reactions since the patient’s own fat will be used. Hence, the recovery time is significantly reduced compared to a traditional fat transfer and liposuction.

Moreover, the laser ensures a gentle removal process resulting in a higher chance that the fat taken from your abdomen, thighs, or flanks will work just fine once transferred to other parts of your body.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for BeautiFill™ Laser Lipo?

BeautiFill™ is suitable for healthy people aged 30-65 years old who are interested in improving the proportion of their body fat distribution and restoring volume in areas where it counts.

While it’s not a substitute for weight loss, you must have enough fat to be extracted to ensure promising results.

However, if you’re currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or experiencing circulation problems, it’s best to wait for your doctor’s approval before you get the treatment.

How Does BeautiFill™ Laser Lipo Work?

An Alma BeautiFill™ procedure is not a weight loss treatment.

Rather, it’s designed to enhance your facial and body appearance by transferring excess fat from your abdomen, thighs, or hips into other body areas where you want more volume.

During a BeautiFill™ treatment, Dr. Chow will make a small incision into the donor site and a unique fiber cannula will suction away the excess fat using laser energy.

The laser also produces a thermal effect, which creates a skin-tightening effect. Thus, compared to traditional liposuction, patients enjoy a more efficient and comfortable process with BeautiFill™.

Once the excess fat is harvested, it’s then injected into the areas where you need additional volume such as the cheeks, under the eyes, around the mouth, breasts, or buttocks. The injections are repeated until the desired results are achieved.

How Long Before You Can See the Results?

You’ll see a noticeable difference immediately after the procedure.

Once the mild bruising and swelling subside, you’ll see that the treated areas are smoother, firmer, and fuller. Conversely, the donor site will also appear to be more defined and better contoured.

For more information on how BeautiFill™ Laser Lipo can help you, call or visit Dr. Chow’s Rejuvenation Practice in Lee’s Summit, MO.

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