Signature Facial

Signature Facial

Are you looking for a facial that is multi-faceted, multi-functional, and completely customizable?

Meet the Signature Facial! 

The Signature Facial is a unique treatment targeted to each patient’s skincare needs and goals. Each 60-minute session offers the ultimate experience of relaxation while providing essential nutrients to the skin. 

Here’s how the session goes:


Each appointment starts with a consultation, where our aesthetician will discuss your current skincare regimen and learn your treatment goals. 

We’ll conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to gain a better understanding of your skin — type, tone, irregularities, areas of damage, etc.

The best part about this consultation is that we can completely customize and 100% tailor the facial treatment to you!


Our aesthetician will begin the facial with a double cleanse. The first cleanse removes the day’s dirt and impurities, while the second cleanse uses targeted ingredients your skin is craving.

Exfoliation & Extraction

The following steps involve clearing the skin and pores. Exfoliation will get rid of any extra debris and dead skin cells, and extraction will go deep into the pores to leave the skin prepped and ready to soak in nutrients.

Mask & Gua Sha

We’ll finish the treatment with a calming mask that provides your skin with nourishment and hydration. Our Facial gua sha will also provide lymphatic drainage, promote circulation, ease stiffness, and even help relieve pain! 

The final step is a relaxing decollete, arm, and hand massage as an added perk to the relaxing facial.

Signature Facial vs. HydraFacial

At Dr. Chow’s Rejuvenation Practice, we offer two deluxe facials – The Hydrafacial and the Signature Facial. While both facials are similar in terms of their treatment goals, these treatments are different in practice. 

The Signature Facial treatment includes a facial massage and offers a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience. After the treatment, our aesthetician will go over product suggestions that can not only help maintain your results but continue to improve the skin.

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