4 Areas to Get Botox® This Fall

Do you have fine lines and wrinkles? Do you worry about the effects of aging on your skin? You’re not alone. 

Millions of people, men and women both, struggle with such signs of aging. While there’s no magic solution to getting rid of wrinkles entirely, there are a few things you can do to minimize their appearance – or even to prevent new ones from forming.

Keep reading to know more about Botox® and the four facial areas that commonly benefit from Botox®  injections!

What is Botox®?  

Botox® is a neurotoxin injectable that works by temporarily relaxing the muscles beneath the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is relatively painless and quick, and you can go back to your usual routine after the injection.

Aside from its cosmetic uses, Botox® injections are also used as a treatment for the following conditions: 

  • chronic eyelid twitching (blepharospasm) 
  • chronic migraines 
  • excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) 
  • lazy eye (known medically as strabismus) 
  • neck spasms (cervical dystonia) 
  • urinary incontinence 
  • vaginismus 
  • other types of muscle spasms 

Muscle relaxants like Botox® greatly lessens muscular contractions by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses the muscles receive from the brain. Fine lines and wrinkles brought on by these muscles thus smooth out since the target muscle can no longer move as much.

4 Common Areas That are Most Suitable for Botox®

A change of seasons may require you to go back to your provider for a Botox touch-up, particularly in any of the common facial areas that typically benefit from Botox®:

1. Forehead. One of the earliest signs of aging is the appearance of forehead wrinkles—horizontal lines on the forehead that appear alongside your facial expressions. They can also be challenging to conceal with make-up, hence these lines are some of the most frequently treated areas for Botox®.

2. Around the eyes. When you grin or laugh, the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes can appear and deepen over time. Botox injections are frequently used to reduce crow’s feet and give the face a more youthful appearance.

3. Eyebrows. Whenever you frown or move your brow, a couple of vertical lines can form between your eyebrows, giving the impression that you are exhausted, irritated, or upset. It has been demonstrated that Botox® can lessen and smooth out the severity of these frown lines, sometimes called “11” lines.

4. Around the nose. Botox® softens bunny lines that appear on either side of the face when you wrinkle your nose.

While Botox® injections are a powerful and effective treatment, the results of the procedure will still depend on your chosen provider. A good and experienced provider can administer the right dose of Botox® into the exact location to produce a beautiful, natural-looking result.

Our qualified providers here at Dr. Chow’s Rejuvenation Practice in Lee’s Summit, MO, have helped countless patients of varying ages fight the signs of aging or soften the look of wrinkles using Botox® – so that they can feel and look their best all the time.

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